The religious education at St. Demetrios seeks to encourage and educate the youth of our parish in matters relating to the Orthodox Faith, providing them with a strong foundation in that faith and as deep an understanding and relationship with their faith, the Church, and the Holy Trinity as possible. 


The Sunday School - The Sunday School at St. Demetrios begins after communion on Sundays, and offers classes to children from Pre-school though High School age. The classes cover material on subjects ranging from the Bible to the Liturgy, intended to help the children understand their faith as they come of age.

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Even when our college students go to school far from home, the Orthodox Christian Fellowship (the campus ministry of the Orthodox Church) maintains an active ministry across the country for college students, and we'd like to help our students contact them and their local parish for support as they enter this new phase of life. If you have any students beginning or already attending college, please send us their contact info so we can help them keep in touch with the Church and their faith through their local parish and the OCF.