All of our religious education is an opportunity to "come and see," as the Apostle Phillip said to the Apostle Nathanael - to come and not only learn about, but experience the living reality of the Orthodox Faith. This Faith is not something that can be learned in a classroom, because the Orthodox Christian Faith is an encounter with the Living God, with Jesus Christ. However, we can be introduced to Him by learning about Him and about His Church, as we hope that all will who participate in our religious education.

"Journey to Fullness" is a 16-episode video series created by Fr. Barnabas Powell through Ancient Faith Ministries, designed to introduce enquirers to the Orthodox Christian Faith. Though it was made with enquirers in mind, all can benefit from this video series - regardless of whether they have lived their entire lives in the Church or are encountering her for the first time. The goal of this class is to give everyone who takes it an opportunity to journey deeper into the fullness that is the Orthodox Christian Faith - whether that means seeing something they know well with new eyes, or seeing something that is timeless for the first time.

The class begins on Saturday, August 6th and runs for eight weeks, meeting on Saturday afternoons. We will meet at the Church, but we will have a remote option available as well.

For this class, we will use the videos as "homework," viewing them outside of the class and then coming together at the church to discuss them or the questions they raise in greater depth. Everyone is welcome to every meeting, whether they have watched the video or not, and all questions are also welcome. 

The videos are available to be streamed online for everyone who registers for the class. For those who do not have this capability, we also have a set of the DVDs which can be watched at the church or checked out of the church library. Again, whether you watch the videos or not, we encourage everyone to attend as much as possible - not only to learn a little, but also to experience the fellowship of our community in Christ.

To register, please fill out the form below. We will be sending out the video links to everyone on our distribution list each Monday.