The Church building is a wonderful place where we gather as the Body of Christ, receive the Sacraments, and worship in community. However, the sacramental life that is the Christian life is not supposed to only take place in the Church, but rather to spread from the Church into every aspect of our lives.

It should especially spread to our homes. The Christian home is, in the Orthodox tradition, often referred to as "the little Church," or "the Church of the home." It is for this reason that Orthodox Christians bless their homes in much the same way that the Church is blessed and consecrated, as a holy place not only for Christians to dwell, but also to worship and pray in communion with each other.

We have gathered here some resources for building up the "little Church," we hope you find them helpful. The best resource is to talk to your priest and to other families in your church about what works for them, because the "Church at home" should always be complementary to the Church "at Church," and should never replace it. 


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