St. Demetrios Religious Education: 2023 - 2024

 The Liturgical Year - Gospel Readings & Commemorations

This year in Sunday School we will be studying the Sunday readings and commemorations of the Liturgical Year as we live through it, focusing primarily on the Sunday Gospel and Epistle readings, along with an introduction to some of the sacraments, saints, and feasts we will meet along the way. Join us as we journey through the year together!

The entire parish will be following the same lesson plan, though the discussion will vary depending on the age group. We will also have a Family Resource Book available with the readings, hymns, and other resources for engaging with the readings each week at home.




The Sunday School classes meet every Sunday following Holy Communion in the Divine Liturgy. The School is divided into the following classes:

Preschool - 1st Grade (taught by Pres. Catherine, Taylor Blohm, and Jacqueline Sous)
2nd - 4th Grade (taught by Andrea Ferris, Elan Nichols, and Sandy Duke)
Middle School (taught by Kim Gowenlock & Alexandra Sous)
High School (taught by Evan Houpis & David Nichols)


Every Thursday night (Wednesday night in Lent), we'll start our discussion in the Church at the end of the service and then meet in the Hall after the service for a meal and fellowship. All are welcome!

If you can't join us in-person at the Church, we invite you to participate as best you can through the live-stream of the service and talk.Bring your questions and join us as we come together for prayer, fellowship, and to encounter Christ through the Holy Scriptures.



Weekly Resources

Sunday School Calendar


Sunday School Lessons Page

Sunday School Registration



General Resources

Home Resource Book



Icon Booklet



Excerpts from "On the Holy Cross"
by St. Nektarios of Aegina




Life of St. Mary of Egypt

Recording of the life of St. Mary of Egypt




Patristic Commentary on the Sermon on the Mount



St. Nicholas Resource Page (Mystagogy)

St. Nicholas Customs and Traditions around the World




Catena Bible & Commentaries

Also available as a mobile app
for both Apple and Android



Orthodox Study Bible App (Apple)




Three Men and a Bible - YouTube Channel

Weekly Bible Study on the Sunday Readings



Live the Word - YouTube Channel

Reflections on the Sunday Readings




Illumination Learning

Orthodox Christian Education (Church and Home)



Orthodox Pebbles

Orthodox Christian Resources
for teaching the Faith



Feast Day Rundown

Short videos about feasts and saints of the Church! (Links to St. Demetrios, but they have many others!)